Austin is the Fastest Growing City in the US!

Austin Fastest Growing City in US

March 31, 2014 | Posted in Austin, Statistics | By

Last week, released their list of the 10 fastest growing cities in the country. We were not surprised to learn that Austin, TX ranked as the #1 city in terms of population growth. That explains the burst of traffic on our commutes!

According to their numbers, the city now sits at a population of 1.9 million, which supports the previously stated notion that we’ll be a 2 million person metro within the next year or two (statistic originally found on

After residing here for over 20 years, I’ve watched the city grown leaps and bounds. It always felt like we were growing quickly, and the CNN Money ranking showed that we added nearly 48,000 new residents as of mid-2013. That is a heck of an impressive number given that it measures “net new” residents, meaning there are more people actually moving here, but some of that volume is offset by departures from Austin. You can see exactly how much we’ve grown just by comparing the skyline today vs. old pictures.

Just to put that “net new” number in perspective, it adds up to a 2.6% annualized growth rate. That means we probably have around 4% of the total population moving here each year, minus the folks who move on for new pastures (a complete guess on my part, so don’t quote these numbers for anything more than casual conversation).

Why Are All of These People Moving to Austin?

Great question! The article speculates that our “cultural vibrancy” (whatever that is) contributes heavily to the appeal. I’d wager that this relates to our outstanding art / music / creative-friendly scene, dedication to holistic healing like acupuncture and chiropractic care (among others), and our general weirdness as a metropolitan area.

Of course, it also calls out the big motivator: J-O-B-S. As mentioned on the piece, we have an unemployment rate of 4.7%, which is the lowest such rate among cities of 1M residents or more. Pretty impressive, even to someone who lives and breathes Austin like myself.

There are a few more reasons. Check out our last post Why People Are Moving to Austin for a more in depth review of the Austin allure.

What brought you to Austin? What keeps you here? Please share below!


Why People Are Moving to Austin [Infographic]

Why People Are Moving to Austin

March 26, 2014 | Posted in Austin | By

Today we came across the following infographic by way of the ABJ. As we all know, the population of Austin has been growing at a rapid pace over the past 20 years, and has seemed to accelerate the last 5 years.

Local Web Design company Complete Web Resources recently published the following image, summarizing their take on why people are relocating to Austin and the central Texas area as a whole.

As you can see, the high tech and internet industries are toward the top of the list for industries that attract new talent. The infographic also includes some interesting data about our cost of living and cost of housing, which are apparently independent. One is going up but the other is shown as being low / competitive. Not sure how that plays out in the long run, and we think it makes sense to check out their sources.

Anyway, here’s the infographic for your viewing pleasure. If you want to see the original post, go to their page Why Everyone Is Moving to Austin. Enjoy!


Why Are So Many People Moving / Relocating to Austin, TX?

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Welcome to Internet Austin

Internet Austin

March 11, 2014 | Posted in TX, Website Information | By

Greetings and welcome to our website, Internet Austin! This site was officially birthed on March 11, 2014, after several months of planning and deliberation about the site’s mission and vision.

At its most basic level, this website is here to highlight the latest Internet-related news, trends, products, websites, and experts in Austin, TX. We’re not just the live music capitol of the world folks, we’re also a pretty happening entrepreneurial and tech scene.

As an avid entrepreneur, Internet marketer, and techie myself, I’ve found this city to be the perfect place for me. After nearly 21 years, I can without a doubt say that this place is what I call “home”.

I’ll leave it to that for now, but please follow along as we build out the vision. If you want to be part of the adventure, please comment below and include an email address where I can reach you. This site is a project and not a business venture at this stage (but who knows where it will go later), so the ideal candidates to take part are most likely those who are equally passionate about Austin and our Internet / Tech scene, and who want to be part of a bigger cause of tracking, promoting, and building the culture of innovation in Central Texas. If that describes you, let’s talk!

Until next time…Namaste.

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